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About Us

Established in 1990, K & L Distributors is a family owned and operated business with Ken, his wife Linda and son Brent forming the core staff, plus Craig who has been with the business for eight years joined recently by Larry.

Specialists in Caltex lubricants and automotive specialty products

Need to talk to an expert? K & L Distributors has been providing Caltex lubricants and automotive products for the Waikato and King Country regions since 1990. The team has a wealth of knowledge in all types of vehicles and machinery. From complex questions to just wondering what engine oil to use or which is the best engine oil for your requirements, or if you have any questions about automotive specialty products, contact us today!

KLD Fuels - providing reliable onsite diesel refuelling services & bulk fuel deliveries

Recently K & L Distributors have successfully moved into onsite diesel refuelling and bulk delivery of fuel for Waikato and the King Country under the name KLD Fuels.

Free delivery* 24/7

Take advantage of our free and fast delivery* throughout the Waikato and King Country, - we can deliver to your specific time frames including 24 hour Saturday and Sunday service.

(*as arranged with K & L Distributors)

More info on our engine oil products & onsite diesel refueling services...

  • Caltex diesel engine oils
  • Petrol motor engine oils
  • Grease lubricants
  • Onsite diesel refueling Waikato
  • Onsite diesel refueling King Country
  • Oil and fuel filters



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