Smart Trade

Onsite diesel refuelling & bulk fuel deliveries

For professional and reliable on site fuel delivery, contact KLD Fuels. From refuelling diesel engines to bulk deliveries of fuel, the KLD Fuels team are experienced and knowledgeable about onsite diesel refuelling.

Convenient on site service throughout the Waikato & King Country

K & L Distributors' tankers will travel to you to deliver fuel within the Waikato and King Country region. We have two types of delivery systems on our tankers - one for onsite refuelling, and one for delivering bulk quantities for on site tanks, trailer tanks or sledge tanks.

24/7 onsite diesel services on 0800 372 374

Ring 0800 372 374 for on site diesel refueling services and bulk delivery of fuel 24/7.


Diesel refueling for home heating

If you have diesel home heating, contact us for refueling the tank whenever you need it!

Stock up on Caltex lubricants & automotive specialty products while refueling

Make sure you never run out of the Caltex lubricants and automotive specialty products like oil filters and fuel filters. K & L Distributors can deliver all the Caltex products that you're running low on at the same time as refueling your vehicles and machinery.



Lubricant Product Recommendation