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K & L Distributors onsite diesel refuelling for the Waikato, King Country, Western BOP & Coromandel

Caltex products & onsite diesel refuelling for the Waikato, King Country, Western BOP & Coromandel.

For  cars, trucks, heavy machinery & earthmovers, talk to the experts at 
K & L Distributors & KLD Fuels...

K & L Distributors are family owned and operated and have been servicing the Waikato, King Country, Western BOP & Coromandel regions since 1990... which is why you can expect expert and reliable service every time.

  • Refuel your vehicles and heavy machinery onsite with our diesel refueling service - 24/7!

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 K & L have most items in stock and offer FAST FREE delivery for the Waikato and King Country regions. Your needs are our priority! Call us NOW.

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